Skin Healing Balm for All Skin Types

This skin healing balm, good for all skin types, is a remarkable new skincare solution. It addresses a multitude of concerns! Here’s my story. This balm provided relief for my severely irritated skin and helped my overall well-being after a frightening scare requiring a hospital stay. Hi, I’m Corrine! Thank you for visiting my website, if this is your first time. If this is a return visit to Smart Shopping with Corrine, welcome back! I can’t wait to share my personal story about this skin-care gem.

healing balm protects skin after tattoos

There is an incredible new skincare product, a versatile healing balm that will work for you in many ways. Irritated skin, no matter the cause, is uncomfortable. Our internal well-being is directly reflected in our skin. This healing balm made of organic ingredients is effective for various conditions, including rosacea, eczema, irritations, and even caring for freshly inked tattoos. Check this out right away if you’re dealing with any of these issues. So, on to my testimonial!

I had been hospitalized for a skin infection called cellulitis. It was a frightening situation for certain. The lower part of my leg was affected and blistered, just as a severe burn would be. Of course, I had medical wound care for a time to heal open wounds, but after that, I was still left with dry, irritated skin. I used this healing balm and it felt so wonderful! It virtually melts into the skin, which is something I love about it. Months later, I continue to use the balm regularly. It is a healing balm, but it also continues to work well for me, as I am diabetic. Because of this, my skin was often dry before using this and now my skin is baby-soft and smooth!

healing balm for healing lips, face, body

There are so many uses for this fantastic solution that soothes irritated skin and gives it the tender, loving care it deserves:

  • Lip Balm: Apply it to chapped lips for instant relief and hydration; its great for after lip injection treatments.
  • Healing Minor Skin Irritations: Use to soothe and heal minor cuts, scrapes, and burns.
  • Dry Skin Relief: Apply it to dry patches on your elbows, knees, and heels to provide relief and softening.
  • Tattoo Aftercare: Use it to keep your tattooed skin moisturized and aid in the healing process. Consistent use helps prevent the fading of your tattoo and preserve the colors and clean lines.
  • Eczema and Psoriasis: For those with sensitive skin conditions, it may also help alleviate symptoms.
  • Insect Bites: Apply it to insect bites to reduce itching and inflammation.
  • Soothing Sunburn: It can provide relief for sunburns.
  • Post-Shave Soothing: Apply it to soothe irritation after shaving

From an early age, we learn that healthy skin is important. It helps us detect heat, cold, and pain and is a first barrier to infections. However, we don’t always do what’s best for our skin. Remember the first time you had a sunburn? Irritated skin for whatever reason, doesn’t feel great. Our skin is a direct reflection of our internal state of health.

Essential information on why this premium skin protectant is worth considering:

  • Crafted by Certified Estheticians: Who could be better suited to formulate this skincare solution than the professionals who regularly utilize it with their clients?
  • Clinically Validated: This restorative balm has been available at medical spas for more than four years. Thankfully, it’s now accessible to the general public through direct-to-consumer avenues, such as my website.
  • Manufactured and Created in the USA: Alma and Amber, the company co-founders, are dedicated to preserving the American origin of this healing balm.
  • Clean Ingredients: The proprietary ingredient list consists of simple, wholesome components, each possessing its own healing properties. When combined, these ingredients deliver optimal results!
  • Free from Harmful Chemicals: Our formula is devoid of harmful substances like parabens, harsh chemical additives, and artificial dyes.
  • We Stand Against Animal Testing: Out of our profound respect for animals, the company does not conduct any laboratory testing on them.

A Rehydrating Healing Balm

Many balms only offer temporary relief by providing a slight rehydration effect. However, once these are absorbed into your skin, their effects quickly disappear. Other balms and lotions are petroleum-based, which not only hinders your skin from absorbing them but also restricts your skin’s ability to breathe.

healing balm for eczema and other skin conditions

This healing balm not only provides rehydration but also encourages the healing process. The image on the left illustrates this effect, with the eczema appearing raw and irritated before using the balm and then displaying healing and reduced redness afterward. Moreover, if you’re dealing with other skin conditions like rosacea and psoriasis, there’s tons of positive client feedback. Some clients who are also parents love using the balm for their baby’s diaper rash and have reported amazing results.

This Skin Healing Balm Offers a Variety of Applications

You will also benefit from using this balm if you plan to get PMU (permanent makeup) or undergo procedures like micro-needling, tattoos, laser treatments, or laser resurfacing. Notably, the healing periods following consistent use of this healing skin balm have shrunk from the typical 14 to 30 days to only 7 days, all without any scabbing! This “aftercare” solution is remarkably versatile because you can use it every day.

This remarkable balm will become essential for all of your family’s skin-healing needs. It is conveniently sized and fits into your handbag, carry-on, and even a diaper bag! You may even consider carrying one in this hands-free, no-tugging, worry-free infinity scarf with pockets. It’s time to try this healing balm for those more delicate places with stretch marks or ingrown hairs! You read that correctly. This wound-healing solution also works marvelously to help with ingrown hairs. This is a unisex product suitable for children, women, and men

All caregivers, nurses, and healthcare professionals, do your hands feel irritated and dry from all the handwashing, use of hand sanitizer, and powdered gloves? You just have to try this! Also, if you are caring for someone who is at risk of getting painful bed sores, this fantastic balm may be the answer you are looking for.

After Care: Hydrated and Protected Skin, Healing Inside and Out

Following cosmetic procedures, treatment for skin conditions, and anti-aging treatments, this healing balm provides the aftercare so critical to healing skin. Read more about it here:

healing balm to protect skin following cosmetic and dermatology treatments
  • Enhances Treatment Efficacy: Professionally advised aftercare practices can greatly increase the successful outcome of cosmetic procedures. They could consist of using this healing balm, refraining from engaging in certain activities or environmental conditions and using proper sun protection.
  • Reduces Post-Treatment Discomfort: Many cosmetic treatments can leave the skin susceptible and sensitive. The right aftercare can reduce discomfort and adverse effects, including tightness, burning, or stinging.
  • Promotes Healing and Reduces Complications: Proper aftercare is crucial for those with skin disorders like rosacea and acne, as well as those who have undergone cosmetic procedures like chemical peels, microdermabrasion, or laser therapy. It aids in lowering the possibility of problems including infection, scarring, or prolonged inflammation and redness.
  • Supports Anti-Aging Treatments: Botox, dermal fillers, and skin care products with retinol are examples of anti-aging therapies that are efficient but nonetheless require good aftercare to preserve their effectiveness.

“After care is skin care.”

Alma Mirasol, Founder

Well-being is A Choice

With so many responsibilities in our lives, what could be more important than caring about our well-being? It’s not something many people take enough time to consider. There are so many choices we make each day; be sure to choose time for your wellness. On that note, ensure you are taking care of your skin 365 days a year. Your skin protects you, so make sure to safeguard its well-being with the incredible healing balm you find here.

Using this healing balm will improve your skin in so many ways. I know that you will absolutely love this beautiful skin-healing and preservation solution. What truly excites me about introducing this healing balm to others is that it facilitates healing from the outside. You can also experience internal healing with this remarkable “Fountain of Youth” serum! To discover more about this tremendous internal healing product, see it here.

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