Biohacking improves the quality of your health and wellness by using nutrition science and wearable technology. This information is exciting! Hello and welcome to Smart Shopping with Corrine. I am sharing useful information to help you educate yourself on the latest in what is now known as biohacking. Ensuring you have a healthy lifestyle, which includes good nutrition and exercise, is more important than ever. Yet, as busy human beings, sometimes we need a little help in these areas. These biohacking solutions may help improve your wellness in areas such as sleep, mental focus, weight loss, and general mood. Read on to stay up-to-date with the latest breakthroughs in this important health and wellness update!

Biohacking for optimal health

I’m introducing you to six impressive solutions that are life-changing! These innovations offer refreshing, whole-body enhancements in exciting ways.

brān®: The product is nootropic, meaning it increases mental clarity and focus, energy, and memory improvement. When taking brān®, you will have relief from brain fog within minutes. It increases your mental energy and ability to focus. For example, I struggled with word recall more frequently than I liked to admit. But with brān®, my ability to carry on a conversation without “word glitches” occurring in my memory feels SO wonderful! I am truly grateful to have found this solution and excited about the change it has made in my life. To learn more about how it may work for you, watch this!

Learn How To Be in a State of Flow with brān®️ Reimagined! from Velovita Official on Vimeo.

byōm™️: Do you have problems with your immunity or digestion? If you get sick often or have a chronic health problem that reduces your immunity, then you want to check out byōm™️! It also works well for anyone who has digestion issues; this is information you want to know! As an example, I was having stomach issues after taking antibiotics for the second upper respiratory illness in three months! I felt very disheartened. After taking the byōm™️ nutritional supplement for one month, my digestive function returned to normal. If you struggle with gut health, which is a critical element of strong immunity and digestive function, then I highly recommend byōm™️. See more in this video.

byōm™️ Remastered from Velovita Official on Vimeo.

plôs® THERMO: This dynamo works when added to your coffee, tea, or other caffeinated beverage. It is a favorite biohack for me because it has helped me to lose 47 pounds and keep all of that weight off. If you need to lose unwanted fat and have struggled to get the weight off, then look no further! plôs® THERMO curbs appetite and increases energy. In addition, you will find it is the perfect complement to Velovita’s product, zlēm®, that works while you sleep. Together, these weight loss solutions are the support you need to assist in your weight loss journey and live a happier, lighter life!

Due to the biohacking genius of Velovita’s scientists, we have plôs thermo.

To learn more about how this weight loss biohack works with zlēm®, you will find that at the end of this page.  GO HERE if you would like to see that now. See what Velovita’s Scientific Advisor, Dr. Saberi, has to say about the multiple health benefits of these biohacks. Great information!

What Does Coffee Have to Do With Lifestyle Benefits?

For many, sharing meals with family, friends, and co-workers is difficult when dieting. Watching others eat delicious foods you love may become difficult and cravings often take over. This is a real problem for many who are trying to achieve a healthy weight. The next two nutritional “biohacks” help you manage your weight and cravings. You will really enjoy eating again because you are in control with the help of zlēm® and plôs® THERMO. Your increased confidence as you lose pounds and inches will also increase your desire to be more social.

tuün™ RESONATE: Electric and magnetic fields (EMF) contribute to EMF pollution, and it is important to understand that these invisible energy emissions are also known as radiation. The radiation originates from the many electronic devices we interact with every day. Furthermore, the levels of EMF pollution in our environment are increasing. This pollution impairs our ability to connect with the Earth’s ideal frequency, which is essential for adequately grounding ourselves.

Because of EMF pollution, you may have trouble sleeping, fatigue, headaches, and a poor mood. Fortunately, there is a solution: tuün™ RESONATE. Wearing this device has many health benefits, including improved energy, sleep, and mood, along with better balance and posture. Watch the video below to learn how you can protect yourself and your family from the dangers of EMF pollution. You’ll want to wear this device every day and provide a tuün™ RESONATE to your loved ones after you’ve done so. tuün™ RESONATE also makes a great gift!

tuün™ RESONATE from Velovita Official on Vimeo.

uüth™: When it comes to aging, do you ever wish you could turn back the hands of time? Yes, aging is part of life, but why not do something nutritionally to help reverse the hands of time? Velovita’s scientists have stacked a proprietary blend of ingredients that fill in the gaps in our diets, even when we think we are eating “clean.” Even if you take a multivitamin and apply anti-aging skincare, it just isn’t enough to help truly reduce the wrinkles we all inevitably get as we age. Furthermore, if you get anti-aging treatments from your dermatologist, you realize that you have to keep getting those injections and treatments, right? If you want smoother, younger-looking skin, better sleep, and energy like you did when you were younger, then watch this video about uüth™ for more information.

zlēm®: Pronounced “zleem” is undeniably our #1 biohacking product for losing weight and improving sleep. Incredibly, you will experience better, more restful sleep with zlēm® as an immediate result of this product. In due time, you will find another effect: you will begin to lose fat. It takes time, but you will lose inches in those areas you have struggled with and also sleep better. Watch this video about zlēm® next, which demonstrates the benefits of this fantastic solution.

Biohacking REAL Solutions to Improve Your Life!

We all have unique health journeys and individual concerns. It is so satisfying to bring these biohacking solutions to you because they address real health and wellness challenges with solutions that work.

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