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Welcome to my online community website. My name’s Corrine, and I’m glad you are here! I have fantastic savings and benefits in store for you. Thank you for taking a moment out of your day to look around my website, Smart Shopping with Corrine.

welcome to my online community

Before starting Smart Shopping with Corrine, I had worked in management for over 25 years. I felt ready to transition from having a J-O-B to a position working for myself from home. As an online marketer, I was fortunate to find a great community of other online marketers that live all over the world. I am blessed to have found this platform and a global community that also feels like extended family to me.

Furthermore, think of my website as an online shopping mall. Without the headache of driving through traffic, hassling to find a parking spot, and exposure to illnesses, you have value, convenience, and a wide array of products. All in all, the products range from health and wellness to restaurant and travel discounts to beauty and pet products. This is all brought to you with the ease of your mobile phone, tablet, or home computer. If this sounds good to you, then please read on!

On my website, you will find great products at an exceptional value. To be sure, I only represent products and services that I feel confident in and have personal experience with. Consequently, the products on my website have specific blog-style pages about them. I wrote all the blog pages with you in mind. These pages are also a deeper dive into the value and benefits of each product or service. It’s very real and not written by AI or someone else. If you like a product, there is a link to the vendor, and you can place your order directly. It really is that simple. Easy delivery straight to you.

Please bookmark my site, and I hope you will return often. Our marketing community works with vendors throughout the world to bring products and services from many brands that are not easily found or are likely not available in brick-and-mortar stores. By the same token, limited or seasonal offerings are time-sensitive. For your benefit, please register in the form to the right so that you get important email notifications when an item or service is ending or if something new may be of interest to you. I promise I won’t overwhelm you and will never sell or share your information with anyone.

Look to the left column, and you will see category pages arranged alphabetically. It’s so convenient! Also, within each category are the blog pages describing the item, often with a little anecdote about my experience with the product.

Increasing Personal Wealth in New Ways with My Online Community

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Furthermore, there is an opportunity for you to enhance your financial situation. Do you wish you had more money, time, and freedom? If you could work from home, would you? If the thought has entered your mind, or particularly if this is something you have often thought about, please contact me. I am a real person—a wife, mother, blogger, and marketing business partner. I would love to explain the online business opportunity that is so easy to start. So once again, welcome to my online community and thank you for visiting!

Join my online community to gain access to the generous benefits provided. I would be delighted to share information about our vibrant community with you. Contact me today to get started.

New and Amazing Shopping Resources

New and amazing shopping resources are what you will find on my website. I know you will enjoy learning about these fantastic finds. I do add new items and services to the site frequently. However, my website is about more than that. I add reviews and insights about every new item and service that provide an intensive look at the value and performance of each one. If you have not already done so, please bookmark my site to check back often. It really means a lot to me!

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What also differentiates a website like Smart Shopping with Corrine is that you are getting the best value for items that everyone needs, with new innovations added regularly. All of this is done with my personal touch! It’s a little like having a personal shopper.

Most people are busy. No matter what season of life you are in, you are sure to find something here that will perform better, be a better value, or be an item you have not heard of before. As I mentioned, recipes that focus on value and a time-saving process are helpful to almost everyone. I want to mention that some of the items offered here have time limits. Please understand that they may only be available for a season or certain time period. So, please register to the right of this information. You will receive notification by email when the time-limited items are about to end. I will not bombard you and I will never sell or share your information with anyone else. It’s an integrity issue for me; I just would not do that and I wouldn’t want that done to me either!

Finding Unique Discoveries

Amazing resources include wine magic

Also, take time to look through the categories to the left, and you will likely find favorites of your own. Here is one of my favorites: Wine Magic located in the Cooking, Food & Wine Section. This is something that may brighten your life, whether you are a wine connoisseur, a chef, or enjoy socializing and entertaining.

Additional Resources and Money-Making Opportunities

With this Online Community, made up of entrepreneurial, caring people just like me, I represent an online market that is both global and rapidly expanding. It’s important to me to also emphasize that our mission is to enhance lives through these opportunities and products all across the world.

I want to make another incredible resource available to you. Quite honestly, this is how I got my connection with the great shopping resources: by finding the platform for my website, known as a PBS. More details about PBS here and my story here. This resource is for creating additional income on a full-time or part-time basis. That’s right, I said it—you can make a full-time income! If this sounds appealing, this opportunity may also be for you.

Also, to learn more, please reach out to me by filling out the form to the right. I will get in contact with you via email, or you can use the contact us link below. Another thing is that if there is someone you know who would like something you find on our website, please share the information using the social media links found below this post and throughout this site. I appreciate you doing that!


Join our Online Community now and gain access to the generous benefits that we provide. I would be delighted to have you as part of our vibrant community. Contact us today to get started.