Savings And Benefits

Save Money on Things Your Family and Pets Need Every Day

This Savings and Benefits Membership Program provides substantial savings for your family and we have details and information here. This exclusive membership program is designed to help you save money in various aspects of your life, including travel, all in one “member only” program. Additionally, you will fully enjoy the advantages offered by this exceptional program. You will value these benefits so much that you’ll eagerly share information about this program with your family and friends.

Watch this video to learn more about the exclusive Savings and Benefits.

Truth be told, when I realized the exceptional value of this Savings and Benefits program, I started my membership right away! There is nothing to lose at just $20 per month!

Savings and Benefits on the Level

We are outlining the MANY benefits of each membership level here. As you review this information, I hope you are thinking about your friends and family and how they will also benefit by joining this membership program. There is a secondary benefit besides saving money with this program. If you are interested, there is an income-producing aspect for those with the desire to earn money while working from home.

Membership 2.0

This Savings and Benefits membership, Highway Savings Global, is proudly presented by our thriving Online Community. This community is like a close-knit marketing family. The Founder and his wife also remain actively engaged each day. Every member also enjoys direct access to training and personalized support. As a closely connected business family, we convene regularly on Zoom, breaking through geographical barriers to conduct training sessions, exchange vital announcements, and offer support to one another.

Beyond Savings and Benefits

The undeniable impact of COVID-19 on employees has highlighted to the entire business community that remote work is not only efficient but also a viable option for workers. Furthermore, with just an internet connection and a computer (even a smartphone will suffice!), you could be a perfect fit for our Online Community and work from the comfort of your home.

Particularly, individuals who are adept at using basic technologies like email and online video platforms such as Zoom can effectively generate additional income or pursue a full-time business opportunity. So, if you’re intrigued by discovering how you can be part of our Online Community, please feel free to reach out to us through our Contact Us page.

Now, on to the Savings and Benefits that will SAVE YOU MONEY

  • Reduce insurance expenses on HEALTH, AUTO, and HOME insurance. This is a practical way to save BIG on the insurance you must have anyway. Why not save money on something you already have, but at a much better rate?
  • Your Children and Pets: This incredible membership program provides access to top pet insurance and pet supplies. Wait until you see the discounts for things like movies, dining, and so many other types of entertainment that your kids, or the kid in YOU, will love. As I have said, you are already paying for these things, and with this program, you will get fantastic member pricing. Yes, you and every family you know need to have this! And it’s only $20 per month!
  • Would you like to create more cash flow? – We know you will cut costs each month with these exclusive savings and benefits. You will save on things you already pay for, such as insurance, pet needs, major purchases, electronics, travel, entertainment, and more. Moreover, with the substantial savings you gain from this program, you can explore the opportunity to establish an extraordinary part-time or full-time business. We are here to guide you on this remarkable journey!
savings and benefits

Join our Online Community and be part of a diverse group of individuals like yourself. We take pleasure in offering valuable products and services to so many families. Get ready to be amazed by what awaits you.

Interested in earning $750 every month? Join our GOLD, PLATINUM, or TITANIUM memberships to access incredible savings. For more information on the “RRR247 Marketing Family” and the opportunity to generate income from home, reach us through our Contact Us page.

Begin by choosing the ideal plan for your needs: GOLD, PLATINUM, or TITANIUM. The video does a great job of outlining the benefits of all three levels of membership. Different from big box retailers, this program is so inclusive of the discounts you want with the convenience of online shopping. If you’re unsure, consider starting with the GOLD level at a monthly cost of $20, with the flexibility to upgrade effortlessly in the future. Take the step toward making a fantastic decision for your family’s financial well-being. Given these points, you won’t have any regrets. With just $20, you can initiate a pathway to greater financial security and prosperity.

GOLD Membership for $20 per month: Start Here

  • 850,000 Hotel Discounts: Fantastic Savings!
  • Dining, Shopping, and Entertainment: Great deals on so many favorite restaurants, retailers, and brands through this membership!

HOWEVER, When you enroll in the GOLD membership:


  • Home and Auto Insurance: In almost every case, our Members save on Home and Auto insurance. These are the best “Group” Rates.
  • Health and Dental Insurance: A member GROUP RATE establishing a way for more Individuals and Families to finally have Health and Dental insurance coverage that is truly affordable.
  • Eat and Play, Shop and Travel: You will find an incredible portal of Savings and Benefits on Dining, Entertainment, and Travel
  • Name-Brand Shopping Discounts: Special Savings from the Name Brands You Love! Unique savings for places that rarely seem to offer a discount, they do for our members.
  • Prescription Savings: A highly favored program valued by our members, it provides substantial savings on prescription drugs.
  • Domains, Hosting, and SSLs: Low-cost connecting, at your service!

There is a lot of information here about the included Savings and Benefits. We understand that and provide resource training with explanations about all of the details.

  • Credit Repair Software: You also have access to a completely legal and user-friendly process that empowers you to remove items from your credit report and enhance your credit score. This software is provided to you as part of our package, while external customers are required to purchase it separately.
  • Zoom Discount: Gain access to remarkable benefits offered by Zoom at an exceptionally affordable price. It is so low that we are unable to disclose it publicly due to its incredibly low nature.
  • Lower Business Bills: The Program offers remarkable member pricing that effectively lowers your business costs. Some examples of business expenses that can be lowered are Cell phones, internet, payroll, security systems, merchant accounts, and MUCH more!

PLATINUM MEMBERSHIP for $100 per month – Start Here


  • Home and Auto Insurance:
  • Health and Dental Insurance
  • Eat Play Shop Travel
  • Name Brand Shopping Discounts
  • Prescription Savings
  • Domains, Hosting and SSLs
  • Credit Repair Software
  • Zoom Discount
  • Lower Business Bills


Platinum and Titanium Wholesale Travel: If you love to travel, then you will love this program – it is an absolute must-have. Get ready for incredible savings on airfare, car rentals, vacation packages, cruises, and a plethora of other travel-related expenses that will leave you astounded.

Free Marketing System: As a partner within our Online Community, we have access to Paid Marketing to assist you in your business. Just Contact Us for more details.

Mentors Club: This is advanced training provided by the mentors within the Online Community. I can tell you from personal experience, the training is second to none!

TITANIUM MEMBERSHIP for $199 per month – Start Here

ENROLL with this LINK YOU RECEIVE all the Savings and Benefits that are in the PLATINUM MEMBERSHIP:

  • Home and Auto Insurance:
  • Health and Dental Insurance
  • Eat Play Shop Travel
  • Name Brand Shopping Discounts
  • Prescription Savings
  • Domains, Hosting and SSLs
  • Credit Repair Software
  • Zoom Discount
  • Lower Business Bills
  • Platinum and Titanium Wholesale Travel
  • Free Marketing System
  • Mentors Club


Titanium Level: Legal, Roadside, and Medical: An exceptional addition to the remarkable array of savings and benefits within the program. Welcome to the extraordinary Benefits Portal, a hub of incredible perks and advantages. This portal is accessible online and through a dedicated app on your iOS or Android smartphone.

This Additional Portal Includes:

  • New Benefits Rx: Easily verify prices and locate pharmacies that participate in our Member Pricing Benefits program.
  • Legal Services: Access to experienced lawyers who offer their services at discounted rates. This includes assistance with various legal matters such as simple wills and trusts, handling traffic tickets, providing guidance on bankruptcy and divorce proceedings, and addressing spousal and child support issues.
  • Global Travel Assistance: Provides peace of mind and helps to navigate unforeseen challenges or emergencies while traveling abroad.
  • NBCashback: Start earning cash back when you shop at participating merchants.

Disclaimer: This exclusive Savings and Benefits Program is available to members of Savings Highway Global (SHG). We take pride in the incredible benefits we offer, but to clarify, we are not insurance agents. Also, we do not disclose or share information outside of our membership community. The rates and savings provided are exclusively for our members, and there may also be exceptions for specific programs in various locations worldwide.


Once you reach out to us for more information, we will gladly welcome you into our Online Community. From there, we can unveil the many ways we generously provide you with additional benefits. Simply refer to the provided information on how to Contact Us and take the next step toward joining our vibrant community.