Online Educators Needed for our K–12 Program

Online Educators Needed for our K–12 Program. This is a unique opportunity for experienced teachers to embrace online education. The COVID-19 pandemic has shown us that alternative methods beyond traditional in-school classrooms are not only viable but also preferred by many families for educating their children. For that reason, we are expanding this approach across the US and other countries.

Are you tired of strict schedules and want to make a special difference with your students? Use your personality, connect with more students, and start earning what you deserve with Brainfood Academy. We’re eagerly seeking people like you to join us and make a difference!

The Process: Online Educators Needed for our K–12 Program

This unique education platform not only provides students with a safer, livelier, and more captivating learning environment but also empowers educators to relish the joy of teaching. Through this exceptional platform, with students from across the globe, instructors thereby determine their own earning potential. More details about this are also provided in the subsequent Pay Structure section.

Following the pandemic, many states have earmarked resources for homeschooling. By exploring the provided links, you can determine if your state offers these funds—an invaluable marketing resource to build your student foundation. After you’re accepted into the program, you’ll get access to your “back office” using the PBS Vortex system. On this platform, you’ll receive a personal Zoom link and training on how to set up your own YouTube channel.

Tutors and teachers needed for online homeschool program.

On your YouTube channel, you’ll introduce yourself, list the grades and subjects you teach, and show your unique teaching style and methods. Above all, our primary emphasis remains on delivering quality education. However, we also encourage adding excitement and enthusiasm to your video for the students. By the same token, your ability to captivate potential students and parents directly impacts your compensation potential. As an educator, the greater the appeal you generate in your video, the higher your earning potential becomes.

We are working hard to promote our educators through Brainfood Academy and make them more visible to parents and students. This will help attract students to watch the instructor’s videos, which leads to higher compensation for the teachers once they are selected for their classes.

Online Educators Needed for K–12 Program: Your Pay Structure

Understanding your compensation is crucial, just like in any job or program. As an independent contractor, you have significant earning potential that you can control. You can increase your income based on the time you invest. Your earnings on this platform depend on your ability to attract students, as each class can have up to 500 students, and you can teach multiple grades and subjects.

Additionally, the PBS Vortex platform allows you to market other programs. Beyond using and promoting the Brainfood Academy teaching platform to your network and advertising your services, you can also choose to promote additional programs through PBS Vortex. The choice is entirely up to you. As an independent contractor, your earning potential in this program is virtually unlimited.

Online Educators Needed for K–12 Program: Compensation Framework

  • When a student attends a class, the teacher earns $10 per student, per class, per month. So, if a teacher has 100 students in one class, they make $1,000 for that month. For 500 students, they would earn $5,000. Each class can have a maximum of 500 students. Any additional students must be assigned to a different class or teacher. This is intentional.
  • Grades 1 through 8: Each student is allowed to attend up to five classes daily.
  • Grades 9 through 12: Each student is allowed to attend up to six classes daily.
  • Also, you will benefit from no break in pay as we observe a 12-month pay cycle.
  • We use the PBS Vortex platform to set up the instructor’s pay structure. Upon your PBS Vortex signup, your Zoom classroom expenses are covered in full.
  • Additionally, we offer training on YouTube and guidance on the curriculum material.
  • Within the PBS Vortex, you also have the opportunity to increase your earnings by endorsing the other products and services featured along with this program.

Online Educators: Application Criteria and Requirements:

Help students learn at home in a safe, secure and fun environment with an online teacher who loves to share their knowledge with students.

In our pursuit of creating an exceptional and distinctive online education alternative, we prioritize ensuring that our instructors, teachers, and tutors are equally exceptional. We actively seek educators who possess not only a strong educational background but also demonstrate qualities of love, compassion, excitement, and enthusiasm. Our emphasis is on fostering a dedicated team of teachers, not those merely seeking a paycheck.

In this program’s structure, your earnings align with your personality and ability to attract students, which is key. While our marketing draws students into the program, the decision to select you as their teacher lies entirely in your hands. Keep in mind that payment is per student, not per class.

Essential Requisites for Online Teaching with Our Online Platform

  1. A 4-year degree in teaching is needed.
  2. Experience in the teaching field is required. We encourage retired educators and college graduates to apply.
  3. You must have a true passion for teaching and be exceptional.
  4. Joining the PBS Vortex is required. This is the payment structure we use.
  5. Next, you’ll need to create a YouTube channel and a video to introduce yourself, highlight your unique qualifications and talent, and reach out to potential students and their families. We offer training and guidance to help you with this.
  6. A real commitment and dedication to Brainfood Academy
  7. Uphold an excellent reputation and set high standards in education that go beyond traditional school systems.

Cost and fees:

While student tuition provides the majority of the funding for teacher salaries, teachers also contribute to some technical and support costs. As an independent contractor, you are able to consider these as operational costs that may be tax-deductible (consult your tax professional for details).

Your cost and fees:

  • $50 annual enrollment fee: As a private school, we comply with tax regulations and ensure smooth operational functions by reporting all staff. Your enrollment grants you exclusive access to operate within the framework of Brainfood Academy for the year.
  • $59.95 PBS Vortex monthly access

Your PBS Vortex monthly access covers the following:

  • Access and use of Brainfood Academy curriculum
  • Resource materials
  • Your individual Zoom account
  • Personal back office management access
  • Your payroll dashboard
  • New information as it is released throughout the year, exclusive to Brainfood Academy.

Do you believe you meet these qualifications and criteria? If so, that’s fantastic! We’re excited that you’re interested in joining us to be part of Brainfood Academy. To start the instructor consideration process, please complete the forms by clicking the link below.

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We truly appreciate your interest in our online education program!