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When it comes to getting incredible value on beauty supplies, I’ve got to tell you about an amazing discovery I have made! If you are like me, you love make-up and skin care, and I won’t forget hair care, too! I’ve found this fantastic community that you can only benefit from as a member. Unlock access to top-notch beauty products and improve your beauty routine! But being a member means way more than just getting beauty supplies. It also means we can get other things we use every day at a better value!

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One of my favorite ways to unwind is by watching beauty influencers on YouTube. (I know its not for everybody, but I truly enjoy a group of wonderful people.) However, whenever the influencer would start talking about higher-end skin care and other beauty supplies, I would go to another video. You see, in the past, I would only purchase from drugstores or discount stores. Its not that I didn’t want the higher-end products, but there is a budget to contend with after all! That was until I joined this group membership.

Beauty supplies membership with shopping discounts and more

Because of the benefits of this membership, I was excited to switch my focus to accessing luxury beauty items at 10, 20, or, in some cases, even 30% less than retail. This doesn’t mean that I don’t enjoy the products I purchased from the drugstore, because I do. But, guess what? Many of my favorite “drugstore” brands are included in this membership, too! That makes those items an even better value! Who doesn’t love finding a “dupe” or two? If you know, you know! Since uncovering this beauty supply gem, my morning routine has become more enjoyable and has the variety I wanted. The other benefit is knowing that I didn’t break the budget!

These days, most of us are carefully budgeting our expenses more than ever before. Beyond beauty supplies, little luxuries like going to a restaurant, taking a vacation or weekend getaway, or even a staycation can run into more than many are able to afford. That was until I found the value of everything else in the membership portal! The membership portal lays out other items and services available to you at “employee pricing.” You can see the portal by going to this area.

Every person, every family is different. However, I bet you wouldn’t refuse paying less for car or home insurance, vet bills, or dining out. I think you might also get excited about travel discounts. Are you planning a trip or two this year? Please do yourself this favor by checking out the savings portal that is part of the membership. You will find different membership levels, but they are all laid out and easy to understand.

Self-Care as Part of Life

Affordable beauty supplies help you take care of yourself

Skin care and feeling good about your appearance are not vanity; they are self-care! True, there are other things more important, including time with family and friends, a healthy lifestyle, and ensuring your car and home are sufficiently insured. All of these things are part of self-care. Self-care often goes by the wayside when working with a tight budget. The budget is even tighter if you are not working or underemployed. If this is your case and you would like to have more time and financial freedom, then you really want to see this.

Self-care includes taking care of your health and achieving true “wellness.” Health and wellness, very popular phrase these days. There is good reason. Our stressful lives, lack of sleep and good nutrition, and exposure to things such as EMF pollution (more on that here) all make self-care that much more important. There is so much talk about anti-aging products, but they don’t mean much if we don’t get sufficient sleep, eat poorly, or struggle with being overweight. There are not enough beauty supplies in the world to fix those problems, but taking time for self-care is critical. Sometimes we need help with our self-care. I have a webpage called Biohacking that you will find here and I think you will be inspired.

When we have busy schedules and demanding responsibilities, it may be challenging to take the time and remain committed to things such as good diet, an exercise regimen, and sufficient sleep. Some people may even feel guilty whenever they take time for themselves. Often, finances are at the heart of some reasons to avoid self-care.

Although we cannot escape our responsibilities, there are things we can do to relax a little more and enjoy our lives. If beauty supplies make you happy, it’s important to have a way to include them in your life without spending too much money. With the membership we’re talking about, you can get these products at a great price and use them regularly. If you dream of taking a trip but just cannot afford to do so, there is a way to make additional income here. Let’s make our lives something worth living and share that life with others. Just know that you are worthy of the time and effort to take care of yourself and find joy.

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